Dedicated to using the highest quality materials, AtlasCraft ensures each cabinet embodies the finest attention to detail. Our range includes both traditional and modern designs, with a special focus on shaker and recessed shaker styles. Made from solid wood, both the cabinet box and drawers are built to last.


Size Waist  Hip 
cm in cm in
XS 69.5-74.5 176.53-189.23 83.5-88.5 212.09-224.79
S 74.5-79.5 189.23-201.93 88.5-93.5 224.79-237.49
M 79.5-85 189.23-201.93 93.5-98.5 237.49-250.19
L 85-91 215.9-231.14 98.5-103.5 250.19-262.89
XL 91-97 231.14-246.38 103.5-108.5 275.59-288.29
XXL 97-103 246.38-261.62 108.5-113.5 275.59-288.29


AtlasCraft is a premier kitchen cabinetry brand that stands at the forefront of quality and craftsmanship. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every cabinet we create, utilizing only the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and durability. Specializing in both shaker and recessed shaker styles, AtlasCraft offers a versatile range of designs that seamlessly blend traditional elegance with modern sophistication, catering to a variety of aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs.

Our cabinets are distinguished by their full overlay doors, a design choice that not only provides a sleek, continuous look but also speaks to our meticulous attention to detail. This feature ensures a uniform and sophisticated appearance, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your kitchen. The soft-close mechanism in our doors and drawers is a testament to our dedication to providing not only beauty but also functionality. This technology ensures a smooth, quiet closure every time, eliminating the harshness of slamming and extending the life of the cabinets.

At the heart of AtlasCraft’s quality are the dovetail drawer craftsman constructions. This time-honored technique is renowned for its superior strength and stability, making our drawers not only aesthetically pleasing but exceptionally durable. The full extension drawers further amplify the functionality, allowing easy and complete access to the contents, making storage both practical and efficient.

The construction of our cabinets does not compromise on materials. We use solid wood for both the cabinet box and drawers, ensuring a robust and sturdy build that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. This choice of material also adds a level of classic elegance and warmth to your kitchen.

To complement our high standards of construction, each cabinet is finished with a premium Sherwin-Williams coating. This finish not only enhances the visual appeal of our cabinets but also acts as a protective layer, ensuring that they retain their beauty and resist wear and tear over time. The finish is available in a variety of colors and hues, offering you the flexibility to choose a style that best suits your kitchen’s decor.