Since 1971, Kitchen Craft has been manufacturing fine quality cabinetry in Winnipeg Manitoba. Looking back, we are marveled at the thousands of dream kitchens we have produced for North Americans over the last 50 years. The design flexibility of our cabinets can also provide whole home storage solutions. Create a spa bath, an efficient laundry room or a well appointed home office. When it’s your forever home, the physical structure and rigidity of your cabinets should be first and foremost. Each Kitchen Craft cabinet is crafted with precision. That you can count on. We stand behind the craftsmanship of each cabinet with a Lifetime Warranty. Rest assured, your investment is protected for as long as you own your home.


Size Waist  Hip 
cm in cm in
XS 69.5-74.5 176.53-189.23 83.5-88.5 212.09-224.79
S 74.5-79.5 189.23-201.93 88.5-93.5 224.79-237.49
M 79.5-85 189.23-201.93 93.5-98.5 237.49-250.19
L 85-91 215.9-231.14 98.5-103.5 250.19-262.89
XL 91-97 231.14-246.38 103.5-108.5 275.59-288.29
XXL 97-103 246.38-261.62 108.5-113.5 275.59-288.29