Wellborn Cabinet has earned its reputation as one of America's high-quality cabinet makers. As leading cabinet manufacturers for over 50 years, Wellborn Cabinet has the perfect cabinet for you. We are a family-owned cabinet company located in Ashland, AL, proud to manufacture quality cabinets and cabinet accessories in the United States. Whether you are looking for semi-custom cabinetry, simple shaker cabinets, or elaborately embellished formal cabinetry, we have it all. Wellborn Cabinet is committed to helping you create your dream room with high-quality products that are built to last. Wellborn kitchen and bathroom cabinets are available in cherry, character cherry, maple, character maple, oak, and hickory hardwoods, as well as Thermofoil, MDF, and Laminate. This variety of quality cabinet material combined with our broad palette of finishes and vast array of door and drawer styles allows you to choose cabinets that reflect your style and personality while meeting your unique storage needs. Wellborn also offers a variety of cabinet accessories designed to help eliminate clutter, optimize the use of space within your cabinets and improve the functionality of your room.



Size Waist  Hip 
cm in cm in
XS 69.5-74.5 176.53-189.23 83.5-88.5 212.09-224.79
S 74.5-79.5 189.23-201.93 88.5-93.5 224.79-237.49
M 79.5-85 189.23-201.93 93.5-98.5 237.49-250.19
L 85-91 215.9-231.14 98.5-103.5 250.19-262.89
XL 91-97 231.14-246.38 103.5-108.5 275.59-288.29
XXL 97-103 246.38-261.62 108.5-113.5 275.59-288.29