Pioneer Cabinetry The Chocolate Glaze

Pioneer Cabinetry The Chocolate Glaze

Pioneer Cabinetry The Chocolate Glaze

Introducing our Chocolate Glazed cabinets, exquisitely crafted with raised insets, intricately carved edges, and soft-close hinges. Made from solid Birch hardwood, these cabinets boast traditional charm in a rich medium tone stained wood. Dovetail joints, soft-close slides, and matching colored panels enhance their elegance. Doors, frames, and drawer faces are solid birch; panels use 1/2" plywood; back panel and drawer boxes use 5/8" plywood; shelves use 3/4" plywood.


  • Solid wood birch wood door
  • Frame: 3/4 inches solid wood frame with dovetail joint
  • Hinge: 6 way concealed hinge makes door alignment painless


  • Drawer: 5/8 inches solid wood dovetail joint drawer with 6 ways concealed under mount soft close slides
  • Drawer face: Solid wood birch wood drawer


  • Side Panel: 1/2 inches thickness plywood matching color assure product integrity and reliable performance after years
  • Back Panel: 5/8 inches thickness plywood with 5 pieces with matching color to enhance enough support
  • Shelf: 3/4 inches thickness plywood with matching color minimize for sagging
  • Bottom Panel: 1/2 inches thickness plywood matching color finished are doweled into 1/2 thick side assuring maximum durability and load capacity.
  • Toe kick: 1/2 inches thickness plywood toe kick

Size Waist  Hip 
cm in cm in
XS 69.5-74.5 176.53-189.23 83.5-88.5 212.09-224.79
S 74.5-79.5 189.23-201.93 88.5-93.5 224.79-237.49
M 79.5-85 189.23-201.93 93.5-98.5 237.49-250.19
L 85-91 215.9-231.14 98.5-103.5 250.19-262.89
XL 91-97 231.14-246.38 103.5-108.5 275.59-288.29
XXL 97-103 246.38-261.62 108.5-113.5 275.59-288.29