Pioneer Cabinetry The Cinder Grey

Pioneer Cabinetry The Cinder Grey

Pioneer Cabinetry The Cinder Grey

Introducing Cinder Grey, our Shaker style cabinets boast 45º angled cut insets, soft close hinges, and solid hardwood doors for a sleek, modern design. These dark grey cabinets feature subtle wood grain variations, adding intrigue. Crafted with top-quality hardwood doors and plywood boxes, they ensure durability. Explore our curated classic colors and styles in our catalogue. Solid birch hardwood frames, doors, and drawer faces, soft-close hinges, and 1/2" thick plywood panels ensure longevity and elegance.


  • Solid wood birch wood door
  • Frame: 3/4 inches solid wood frame with dovetail joint
  • Hinge: 6 way concealed hinge makes door alignment painless


  • Drawer: 5/8 inches solid wood dovetail joint drawer with 6 ways concealed under mount soft close slides
  • Drawer face: Solid wood birch wood drawer


  • Side Panel: 1/2 inches thickness plywood matching color assure product integrity and reliable performance after years
  • Back Panel: 5/8 inches thickness plywood with 5 pieces with matching color to enhance enough support
  • Shelf: 3/4 inches thickness plywood with matching color minimize for sagging
  • Bottom Panel: 1/2 inches thickness plywood matching color finished are doweled into 1/2 thick side assuring maximum durability and load capacity.
  • Toe kick: 1/2 inches thickness plywood toe kick

Size Waist  Hip 
cm in cm in
XS 69.5-74.5 176.53-189.23 83.5-88.5 212.09-224.79
S 74.5-79.5 189.23-201.93 88.5-93.5 224.79-237.49
M 79.5-85 189.23-201.93 93.5-98.5 237.49-250.19
L 85-91 215.9-231.14 98.5-103.5 250.19-262.89
XL 91-97 231.14-246.38 103.5-108.5 275.59-288.29
XXL 97-103 246.38-261.62 108.5-113.5 275.59-288.29