How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Without a Full Remodel

by | on Mar 09, 2023

How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Without a Full Remodel

If you are thinking of doing remodeling work on your home, the bathroom is a good place to start. A bathroom remodel will transform your bathroom into a relaxing haven. It will add considerable value to your home. 

Full bathroom remodels can be expensive and time-consuming. But you can simplify things and lower costs with a few small upgrades that will make a considerable difference. Here are a few renovation suggestions that will take your bathroom to the next level. 

A New Coat of Paint

It doesn’t matter what room you’re in. Painting is always a simple step that can make your home look a million times better. 

Modern trends show that people use many unusual paint colors in their bathrooms. Find one that best suits your style to take your aesthetic up a notch. 

It’s All About the Lighting

It’s crucial to have good lighting in your bathroom. Adding or replacing fixtures can make a big difference. 

Consider installing an overhead light. Pendant lights produce an unexpected sense of style in bathroom areas. You may also consider adding sconce lights, mirror lights, and more. 

New Flooring

Changing out the flooring is a major step, but it will not require any structural changes. You may even be able to replace your bathroom flooring yourself.

To save even more money, consider surrounding decorative tile with the plain tile. This will provide a sense of texture that gives your bathroom a standout look without breaking the bank. 

Replace the Sink

A new sink can transform your bathroom’s style. Pedestal sinks are very much in vogue right now, but you can choose any sink you feel best suits your bathroom’s aesthetics. Mix a modern sink with vintage features to create a unique appearance. 

Add Art and Décor

The right art and décor will take your bathroom to the next level. Consider hanging a few pictures on the wall. You can also add candles and a bowl of potpourri, which will make the room look and smell nice. New towels and a shower curtain will further increase the appeal. 

Get Creative with Storage Space

Bathrooms tend to be cramped areas. But you can make them seem more spacious with creative storage solutions. Think of building up instead of out. 

A good way to do this is by adding cabinets and shelves. These can store anything from health and beauty items to towels to toilet paper, adding an attractive touch to your space. 

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