Move or Remodel: Which is the Best Choice?

by | on Mar 09, 2023

Move or Remodel: Which is the Best Choice?

If your home is old or if you are outgrowing it, you may be faced with the choice of moving or remodeling. Both are massive undertakings, so making the right decision is important. This article will review your options so you can find the solution that's best suited to your needs. 

Moving vs. Remodeling

Let's start by comparing some key points involved in moving and remodeling so you can make a wise choice. 

Cost: Both home prices and remodel prices can vary greatly depending on the region you're in, the size of the home, the extent of what you want to be done, and other factors. Larger home remodels typically cost $10,000 to $200,000, while homes cost hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. This makes remodeling the more affordable choice. And yes, you can get a loan for a remodel. 

Convenience: If you choose to move, you will need to uproot your life. You may move away from friends. You may need to change schools, doctors, and more. You will also spend a lot of time selling your home and finding a new one. A remodel requires a bit of upheaval, but it's not a significant life change. 

Value: If you move to a new home, you may gain equity over time. But it will take a while to build up the equity you will likely have in your existing home. Also, the remodel will increase the home's equity and boost its value, so it will be worth more when you do decide to sell. 

What are the Best Remodels to Make?

Remodeling is not the best choice for everyone, but it's a good decision in terms of convenience and value. If you choose to renovate, there are certain tips to remember. 

Build Up: Building out your property is not always possible, but building up is usually an option. If you look on top of your closets and cabinets and other high-up spaces, you will likely see a lot of unused real estate. These are great places to add shelving, cabinets, and storage spaces. 

Expand What You Have:  Contractors may have ideas for remodeling your cabinet space so it offers more storage. For example, they may suggest breaking down interior walls to create more room. Talk to an expert so you can find out about the possibilities. 

Change the Layout: If you have the budget, you may consider making major remodels and such as tearing down walls and building new ones. However, these renovations are expensive and only possible for some properties. 

If you are running out of space in your home, moving is unnecessary. A remodel is a less expensive, more convenient option, and it can increase your storage so you can make room for a growing family. 


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