What Are The Latest Trends In Cabinet Design?

by | on Feb 21, 2023

What Are The Latest Trends In Cabinet Design?

If you're considering a home renovation, you'll eventually find yourself browsing a comprehensive catalog of cabinet types and styles. The selection can seem overwhelming if you don't know what kind of look you'd like to pursue. There are a lot of options to pick from when it comes to selecting your cabinets. From modern minimalism to vintage charm, the latest trends in cabinet design can help you create a beautiful and functional space.

The Latest Functionality Trends In Cabinet Design

One of the latest trends in cabinet design is mixed materials. This trend involves combining different materials, such as wood and metal, to create a unique and exciting look. This trend is viral in kitchen cabinets, where a mix of wood and metal can add a modern and industrial feel. Be careful and tasteful when you choose to mix the materials, though. A little too much blending can turn the look from stylish to messy before you know it. 

Another trend you can try in your home is open shelving. This handy method can make a small space feel more relaxed and accessible and provide ample storage. This trend is prevalent in kitchen cabinets. You can use it to display dishes, pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials. It is also popular in bathrooms, where you can store towels, toiletries, and other items.

The use of sliding doors is another trend that you can apply. Adding sliding doors saves space because they don't require clearance for opening and closing. You can use this popular trend in kitchen cabinets, where you can utilize it to conceal appliances, and you can also use it in bathroom cabinets to hide toiletries.

The Latest Aesthetic Trends In Cabinet Design

The use of bold colors is another trend that is gaining popularity. It entails using bold and bright colors, such as red, yellow, and blue, to add a pop of color to your cabinets. This trend is prevalent in kitchen cabinets, where they can add a fun and playful touch to the space. Always be mindful of the colors you want to use, though, because specific colors don't mix well. Colors are a powerful tool that can create a variety of feelings. Check out this link to learn more about colors and how to use them in your home. 

Using textured finishes is also a recent trend in modern homes. There are many different types, like a distressed finish that adds a vintage or rustic feel to your cabinets. Textures are another small detail that can impact the room's overall feeling. Mixing specific texture types with certain color schemes can lock in on the style you're aiming for. 

The latest trends in cabinet design are all about achieving a bold aesthetic while maintaining maximum functionality. From modern minimalism to vintage charm, these trends can help you create a space that is beautiful and seamlessly practical.

The use of mixed materials, open shelving, sliding doors, bold colors, and textured finishes are gaining popularity. You can use them in different areas of the house, such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and entryway. Use these tools to design a plan to keep you ahead of the trends with cabinets you'll be proud of.